Top Products for Health and Beauty

These are my reviews of the products that I have used and recommend to all of you. With this guide and reviews it will help you choose the right product for you.

Top Products That I Recommend

Most skin cream companies on the market make claims that their products and how they will miraculously Beauty-carehelp you get rid of the wrinkles once and for all and look like in your 20s again. However, many people look at these claims with skepticism. The fact is that these are purely cosmetic products and thus the Food and Drug Administration does not need to check them or approve them. Some many may go over the hedge with the claims while others may state that the ingredients in their creams work, when they actually don’t. It is, therefore, important to make sure you know what you are buying as well as what you can expect to get.

Collagen-boosting factors

Many dermatologists and skin experts have opinions about skin creams and their effectiveness to reducing aging signs of the skin. However, since the FDA doesn’t monitor these and due to the fact that clinical trials are scarce, it is difficult to evaluate the effects of a particular cream on the skin. What is true is the fact that many of these companies are actually studying the effects and potential of certain chemical compounds.
Research goes a lot into studying and developing pentapeptides. These are long chains made of amino acids which play vital roles in the body as chemical messengers. They help in both stimulating the body to produce more collagen as well as transport it to the skin cells. As you may well know, collagen is the key factor to keeping a healthy and young looking skin. Collagen is a protein that helps keep the skin elastic and soft, but with aging so do collagen levels decrease, resulting in the wrinkles these skin creams try to address. This is what many researchers are trying to do with skin creams, to add compounds such as pentapeptides and help the body produce more collagen in order to revive the skin cells.

A good alternative

While some creams may act more like moisturizers than anything else, some creams have proven to have results comparable with wrinkle-filling injections. A great thing about these creams is that they are much more affordable and non-invasive compared to injections. A single Botox injection can cost 400 dollars, and you need to pay for multiple ones over the course of many weeks. However, remember to set realistic expectations about these creams as well as make sure you are following a healthy diet, exercising and sleeping well at night.
So, do skin creams work? A definite maybe here. The most important question is actually “does this skin cream work for you”? With a bit of help from the creams and appropriate lifestyle changes, you should feel good about yourself and maintain a healthy looking skin.